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Choosing the right cruise and cabin for yourself and your family or friends can be an endeavor that makes your head spin as some ships have more than 30 different subcategories of cabins on 9 or more decks.  The expertise and personal relationships between Peace, Love & Travel and various cruise lines will ensure you get the best value for your money.  Plus we leave no stone unturned and inform you of all the options there are for your cruise including shore excursions.

Some people will tell you that with a cruise, you’ll know in advance how much your cruise vacation will cost, but oftentimes that could not be further from the truth.  It really is not an all-inclusive getaway.  While many things can be pre-paid to offset the expenses at the end such as pre-paid gratuities, pre-booked shore excursions, pre-purchased beverage packages, airport transfers, etc., there will be other expenses such as the wonderful pictures the ship’s photograph will take or shopping either on the ship or while in port.  Only luxury cruise lines offer alcoholic beverages, gratuities and shore excursions included among other amenities; most budget friendly cruise lines do not.

The reality is you are not likely to find greater savings online than you will with Peace, Love & Travel.  
Cruise Lines prefer travelers use a travel agent because that allows them to hire fewer reservation agents and bring their costs down.  Through Peace, Love & Travel’s affiliation with its host agency and consortium, oftentimes travelers can be booked into existing group space that has been pre-purchased (with no obligation to the group), which will offer some added amenities and usually enhanced onboard credits.


- Assist you in choosing the line, ship and itinerary that is right for you 
- Work with you to choose the appropriate cabin(s).
- Help you to find money saving discounts and added values 
- Make your booking
- Help you determine the best dining times, and submit any special meal requests. 
- Arrange airfare and transportation to the ship. 
- Help with pre- and post-cruise arrangements. 
- Advise and assist on shore excursions.
- Advise on travel insurance. 
- Client advocacy 
- One Easy Point of Contact for Questions and Concerns
- No long hold times and repeating yourself to different customer service agents
- Personalized Service which means we are there even beyond normal business hours for your convenience 
- $50 upfront planning fee due after initial consultation

Cruises can really make for a great vacation as they offer something for everyone and you get to experience many places but only unpack once.  Oftentimes, cruise vacations can also be a great value in that your meals are included in the price as is the evening entertainment on board as well as kids clubs that can keep the little ones and tweens/teens busy and active.  

Personally, I love cruises.  There are so many options in all different countries; and so many options with the types of cruise ships.  This is why it is so important to use the services of Peace, Love & Travel when booking a cruise as we assist you every step of the way from helping you find the right cruise to fit your desires, your budget and your lifestyle to letting you know how much spending money you’ll need once on board the ship.