Are You Ready to Fix Your Relationship With Travel?​

Ever since you can remember, you’ve dreamed about what your wedding day would look like – but more than ever before, couples are opting to forego the “banquet hall chicken dinner” setting and choosing something a bit more special and memorable.

While eloping was something that couples would do by themselves in years past, more and more couples are choosing to spend quality time with family and friends in far off places be it on a romantic white sand beach in the tropics or in a castle in Ireland for example.

Even if I weren’t a travel advisor, the one piece of advice I’d give to couples is don’t do it alone without the help of a professional Destination Wedding Planner who has done it before.  And here’s the major reason why:

When you are the lead planner of a Destination Wedding, not only are you going to be worrying about your own wedding and everything you need to do for it (dress, photographer, timing, hair, and I could go on forever here), you are going to be dealing with the nuances of every single guest, their wishes and needs, gathering all of their personal information, setting them up on flights and seat preferences, arranging transportation, fielding lots of calls when they have changes or questions (for which you may not even know the answer if you don’t work in the travel business), and everyone’s varying personalities and budgets at a time that is supposed to be your most joyous – not your most stressful time and not causing you the biggest headache you have ever had.  Oh, and need I mention if something goes wrong while at your Destination?  You seriously don’t want to be worrying about those things.

With the peace of mind offered by Peace, Love & Travel, you are well on your way to the most beautiful and best day of your life.


- Unbiased Assistance with Destination/Resort Analysis and Selection 
- Resort Wedding Package Selection Assistance
- Guidance Through the Processes of Legal and Symbolic Weddings
- Money Saving Group Travel Discounts and Added Values
- Price Matching
- Client Advocacy
- Handling of All Guest Reservations
- One Easy Point of Contact for Questions and Concerns
- No long hold times and repeating yourself to different customer service agents.
- Resort Wedding Coordinator Assistance
- Personalized Service which means we are there even beyond normal business     hours for your convenience 

- Upon request, onsite logistical assistance

Note - Non-refundable payment of $500.00 is due after initial consult.  

Destination Weddings

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