Are You Ready to Fix Your Relationship With Travel?​

From sandcastles on crystal clear Caribbean beaches, to the wonders of Disney, to Gladiator School in Italy, there’s always great adventures for families with Peace, Love & Travel.  The very best memories I have of my Mom are from the times we traveled together, not the toys I got as a kid.  And it's my opinion that travel is an experience that brings what children learn in school to life.

It is important when planning family travel that there is something to make everyone happy – because there’s nothing worse than moody and bored kids on vacation.  That’s why, with Peace, Love & Travel, I take the time to find out not just your interests, but the interests of your children as well.  What do they find fascinating and exciting?  For some, like some teenagers I know, they just want to hang out with kids their own age at the beach or pool.  Others want more activities like snorkeling or scuba lessons.  Little children also need to have things that they find entertaining like water parks, arts and crafts or perhaps swimming lessons.  And for moms and dads, it’s some alone time mixed with adventures with their children. 


- Unbiased Assistance with Destination/Resort Analysis and Selection
- Money Saving Discounts and Added Values
- Price Matching
- Assistance with Booking of Tours and Excursions
- Client Advocacy
- One Easy Point of Contact for Questions and Concerns
- No long hold times and repeating yourself to different customer service agents
- Personalized Service which means we are there even beyond normal business

   hours for your convenience 
- $50 upfront planning fee due after initial consultation

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