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Since Peace, Love & Travel doesn't directly charge your credit card for your vacation, there is no risk of losing your vacation through us.  When making your reservations, you provide us with your credit card information for your booking. In turn, we provide that information to the vacation vendors (resorts, airlines, etc.). They charge your card directly.  This way, you are assured that every payment you make towards your vacation is applied directly to your reservation.

How is booking through Peace, Love & Travel different from booking our trip online?

Why can't I book my trip on your website?

What guarantees do I have doing business with you?  

Do you offer travel protection?

This is a great question.  Peace, Love & Travel exists to help you calmly find your inner peace through direct communication about what will make your trip the best for you, not someone else. All vacations, honeymoons and destination weddings along with the necessary accommodations and destinations aren't created equal, and the myriad of options to the traveling public is vast and plentiful.  We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer, and create a relationship with you that cannot be had with your laptop or online travel agency.  

How do travel agents get paid?

Do I have to pay for my entire vacation upfront?