​Peace, Love​ and Travel, because life's a trip


Planning your honeymoon should be exciting, but searching for the best deal can be exhausting and frustrating. Using the services of Peace, Love & Travel will save you money, time, and make the planning process easy and convenient.  Peace, Love & Travel has your back if you run into issues during your trip. By enlisting our help early on, you can spend your time on your wedding, and then packing for your relaxing getaway, instead of worrying about it.

Yes, travel agents make their livelihoods by booking trips, but using one doesn't necessarily mean your honeymoon will be more expensive. In fact, Peace, Love & Travel has insider knowledge on deals and discounts and cultivate personal relationships, not only with you but also with hoteliers and tour operators, which can mean the difference between a good honeymoon and a simply spectacular honeymoon.  We also save you endless research time and can offer first-hand destination knowledge. 


Unbiased Assistance with Destination/Resort Analysis and Selection
Money Saving Discounts and Added Values
Price Matching
Assistance with Booking of Tours and Excursions
Client Advocacy
One Easy Point of Contact for Questions and Concerns
No long hold times and repeating yourself to different customer service agents
Personalized Service – Even Beyond Normal Business Hours for Convenience (and the owner’s personal home and cell phone numbers)
No Fees