Are You Ready to Fix Your Relationship With Travel?​

Seeing other countries and experiencing their culture is one of the greatest things about travel, right? But sometimes it can be overwhelming to decide where to go, where to stay, and how to best do it all.  You’ve listened to your friend’s stories about their trips, but is that the right option for you and your tastes?
Peace, Love & Travel works with various suppliers for all of the continents on earth.

Through them, there are a number of ways in which to travel, and together with Peace, Love & Travel we can determine which route is best for your needs.  Whether you prefer something independent with pre-arranged hotels and transportation, or you prefer the ease and convenience of an escorted tour with an English-speaking guide – there’s nothing much that we can’t make happen for you to turn your dream into a reality.


- Unbiased Assistance with Destination/Resort Analysis and Selection
- Money Saving Discounts and Added Values
- Price Matching
- Assistance with Booking of Tours and Excursions
- Client Advocacy
- One Easy Point of Contact for Questions and Concerns
- No long hold times and repeating yourself to different customer service agents
- Personalized Service which means we are there even beyond normal business hours for         your convenience 
- $50 upfront planning fee due after initial consultation


Your Personal Travel Therapist